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Passing and accessing values within data between controller and view

The tutorial has the following code to retrieve an array result from the database

       $data['news'] = $this->news_model->get_news();

And in the view the array result is accessed with

<?php foreach ($news as $news_item): ?>

That is to say: The 'news' inside the $data array can be accessed as the variable: $news when you pass $data to the controller

For some reason I am unable to do this with my own controller/view

               // retrieve a result set from my model. Tracing thru eclipse shows that results
              // are returned from the database
$data['accounts'] = $this->accounts_model->get_accounts();
              // as long as I do this in my controller I can access the result set
foreach ($data['accounts'] as $row) {
echo $row['account'] . '</br>';
echo $row['ledger'] . '</br>';
echo $row['description'] . '</br>';

              //But this does not work
foreach ($accounts as $row) {
echo $row['account'] . '</br>';
echo $row['ledger'] . '</br>';
echo $row['description'] . '</br>';

And referring to $accounts in the view does not work either. In both cases $accounts is undefined.

What do you have in accounts_model->get_accounts() ?
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Do you load the view correctly?

PHP Code:


Thank you for your recommendations. It helped me to begin by loading the view in a basic way. What I was aiming for was the following:

$main_content_data['accounts'] = $this->accounts_model->get_accounts();

$this->data['main_content_view'] = $this->load->view('share/accounts_view', $main_content_data, TRUE);
$this->load->view('share/default', $this->data);

And this worked.

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