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Practical CodeIgniter 3 - A new book coming soon

(This post was last modified: 05-04-2015, 09:36 PM by kilishan.)

Just a quick update that the first chapter is drafted up. It takes a look at the common files types (models, controllers, libraries, etc) and tries to tackle the age-old question, "Where does this file go?" While this chapter is more intended for newer CI users, it does try to give some fresh ideas for those more familiar with CI. To help this all sink in, I go through 2 different projects as examples and look at where those files would go.

I also discuss the use of the built-in Packages, as well as touching on the 2 solutions for handling modules and HMVC in CI 3. I don't go in a lot of detail in this chapter on how to use the modular code, but more of a high-level discussion on when it's helpful, when it's not, and if HVMC (not just modules) is worth it, and when.

The plan is to release the book for initial sale once Chapter 3 is done and I've gone back through and edited the work to that point. I'm thrilled that I've got a very talented developer on board to help me out as a Technical Reviewer. I've always found his answers on here and on the Bonfire forums to be very thorough, well though out and well said. Matt should ensure that my writing is coherent at all times. Smile

And in case anyone is interested in following along, here's the current stats:

Pages: 14
Words: 5,547
An average reader should be able to read it in about 23 minutes.

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