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Avoiding composer installation, for novice users :)

Hi, I got a suggestion.
For the users who do not want to use composer in CI 4, they can download an installation package with tools for the development enviroment only, and put it in the www folder.
One of the main libraries included in the installation package would be Up, or similar:

After they are done, they should rename or remove that directory (if there are security/performance/other reasons to remove it).

Of course, using Composer directly will always be the best way, and the user guide should link the visitors to the Composer reference.

That's a pretty interesting library - and I'm assuming you're one of the developers since the blog post is from today. Smile

Why the need for a forked version of Composer, though? The repo says due to semantic versioning but is that really a necessity? If so, I would recommend sending a patch upstream to Compser, itself. I wouldn't feel comfortable using a forked version since there's no guarantee of updates, etc.

Great piece of info mate.

(04-23-2015, 10:15 PM)kilishan Wrote: Why the need for a forked version of Composer, though? The repo says due to semantic versioning but is that really a necessity?

Further, Composer supports semantic versioning pretty well. I've also had good luck using aliases to handle unusual version requirements.

Hi. I'm not a developer on that repo. About it being a fork, I didn't notice and yes, it should run separately from Composer.
Maybe there are similar libraries out there that can help with Composer automation for people who cannot run commands in the console.

actually composer is not that hard when used in a framework. but the one thing that should be avoided for me just my opinion BTW is to have too many configurations done in composer for initial installations especially like downloading 3rd party libraries for composer just to install or update a framework(had this problem with yii2 wherein i needed to install extra lib for composer), it should be all in one install and can be configured in a the same way inside the configuration files after the initial installation with composer. Hopefully, if the CI will use composer, it will be optional. 

I can clearly say a lot of novice users end up using CodeIgniter because Laravel being composer based makes them pull their hair out.

I like how codeigniter currently is. Download Extract and Code.

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I also started Codeigniter because it is copy paste .
I do not have ssh access to the websites I manage.
And i Work almost exclusively with DirectAdmin clients , therefore the choice for me Codeigniter .

I really think that by not including composer (or something similar) is what is going to hold CodeIgnitor back. It allows us developers to easily add in additional libraries to expand functionality and to easily upgrade (much better than uploading over existing files and praying for the best).

Being able to use 3rd party libraries such as Doctrine, SwiftMailer, Monolog and other tested packages will keep those behind CI from having to reinvent the wheel and focus on other areas of the framework.

To overcome the need for ssh, simply have a downloadable package that already includes all vendor packages (like many other frameworks offer). This will also go along with CI's goal of simply downloading a zip and being able to run out of the box for those that are unable to run terminal or are new and afraid of composer.

boetech all 3rd libs which you mentioned Doctrine, SwiftMailer, Monolog are having composer support for a lot of time. Which just 1 require console line you can add those libs in any project.

No matter the way you want to added them with composer or manual there is no big difference ..
CI must only support Autoloading of 3rd libs - either by it self or with using of composer autoload.. It doesn't matter...
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