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What is the benefit of sending email via Mandril rather than using Codeigniters?


I use codeigniters simple email class to send emails along with cron jobs. Works great!

I heard I better use something like Mandril. For example this.

I wonder why! Does it have anything to do with blacklisting etc?


Maybe you should ask whoever told you to use it in the first place. Whatever benefits exist to using that service would likely be the features of the service itself, and have little to do with replacing CI's email functionality. It is probably possible to write some code to make the two work together (or simply configure the email library to work with it), and someone may have already done so.

From my own experience, no email service is immune to blacklisting and user-/organization-level spam filters, but most commercial email services at least know how to configure their servers to avoid the most basic red flags that commercial spam filters used on most mail servers use to filter out spam. It is usually not difficult for a dedicated server admin to learn how to do the same for his/her own mail server(s), but there may be other things preventing it, or she/he may want to limit applications using the server(s) for sending bulk email. Further, if you are using shared hosting, the host may limit your mail use.

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