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What do you change/add to your default install of CI?

I was wondering what the first things are that you change/add/remove in a fresh CI install.

I personally do the following:

- remove the "welcome" controllers and views and replace them with a clean empty page

- add an "images", "css" and "javascript" directory, and put a CSS template file in the CSS dir

- change the .htaccess file so "index.php" is gone

I don't have any add-on libraries or helpers, yet.

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
I pretty much always follow the following steps:

1. Remove welcome stuff
2. Move all directories within /system/application/ to root and make the correct changes in index/config.php
3. Create an /assets/ directory, with child directories: images, js, css
4. Review my CI Dev Pack and drop in what I need. I always use Asset and XHTML Helper, as well as MY_Validation. ErkanaAuth and MY_Controller depending on the project.

I usually:

1. Setup config for the DB etc...
2. Add images, scripts, styles folders.
3. Drop in my overwrite libraries to add layouts, partials and format routing.
4. Drop in a default layout.
5. Drop in my "Accounts" controller, "User" Model and "Authentication" library.
6. Drop in my request helper.
6. Copy across the .htaccess file from another project.

0. Remove welcome, even though it's nice to get a welcome message every time.
1. Move application folder outside system
2. Make static folder containing images, styles, scripts, flash - but that I'm from now moving to sub domain.
3. Config the config and database-file.
4. Make .htaccess, than "ht"+tab in textmate, generating all the standard stuff.
5. Copy over some often used controllers, models etc.
6. Insert General Snus and coffee into face, than have fun with another round of CI.

[eluser]Craig A Rodway[/eluser]
1. Move application directory to root.
2. Rename application directory to app.
3. Rename system directory to sys??? (eg. sys161 for current version..)
4. Make directory web (same level as app and sys), and then inside there: css, js, and img.
5. Make changes to index.php and app/config/config.php as necessary.
6. Set up .htaccess.

[eluser]Sam Dark[/eluser]
1. Move application and system out of the root.
2. Rename application directory to app.
3. Create css, js, and img in root dir.
5. Make changes to index.php and app/config/config.php as necessary.
6. Set up .htaccess.
7. Drop in additional libraries and helpers.

Thanks for the replies so far. I see that moving the application directory is a popular thing. I might add that to my routine as well.

Also thanks for everybody who posted links to (their) extra libraries or helpers. Some really interesting stuff there Smile

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