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[CI3 session on Safari]

I got a problem with the CodeIgniter session when users use Safari from PC or Tablet. On Google Chrome and Firefox Dev Edition is working perfectly i think the problem is related with Safari.

That's my code for the session after the success log-in:

$logged_in = array(
'username' => $out[0]['username'],
'user_id' => $out[0]['id'],
'logged_in' => TRUE



Any suggestions?

What is the problem you are having with session?
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The problem is: When a user make a login using Safari he is redirected again in the Log-In page instead the profile page.
This because:

$check_session = $this->session->userdata('user_id');
if(empty($check_session)) {

During the Log-In i Set the session for the user. In Chrome and Firefox is all OK but on Safari the session is completely empty.

I think the problem is Safari.. I'm saving the Session as files in a dir. The log-in with Chrome generate 1 session file with all the info, Safari generate 3 or more session files for same log-in 1 with the right information and the others with just: __ci_last_regenerate|i:1443966977;
all files have same i:1443966977 but the only one with the right information saved have a different number.

The same Code, on same server but just with different domain and CI Version 2.2 is working on Safari !

I'm not sure about this as i never experienced such problem before, but have you checked that your cookie_domain and cookie_path is set correctly.
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Is sess_match_ip enabled? If so, disable it.

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