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CI Community Startup and Addon Apps

I don't know, maybe.

What I like about CI is that you can build your own stuff your own way, and not depend on someone else's plugin. Not having to wait for that person to fix bugs, add new features, or make the changes to be compatible with the latest CI release. Maybe it's a good idea. I'm sure there will be a lot of useful things. But I just fear it will quickly become a collection of broken, unsupported and unreliable projects.  Undecided

I've seen so much badly written code that I've become very suspicious about code I download and use in my own projects. A lot of websites are hacked because a plugin has security holes in it. Or you find your website having performance issues because of stupid code made by someone who learned PHP 2 weeks ago ! Dodgy

That said, I have nothing against people who learned PHP 2 weeks ago. Everybody need to start somewhere. And I'm not against new developers making their projects available for download. That's how you can learn from others. Hopefully others will teach you better ways of doing things so you can improve your skills and your code. But maybe you should post a disclaimer that your code should not be used in a production environment as it may be buggy and dangerous! Tongue

If such a CI apps directory is created, there should be some kind of reputation / voting system for developers and for apps.
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