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New to codeignitor - need help with combining all parts together

Hi everyone,

I am new to codeignitor, previously I been trying out different tutorials, however they were seperated differently like 1 tutorial for crud, 1 tutorial for user register login logout.

I would like to combine all together, here what I intended to achieve.
User register, login, logout, forget password, crud items for that particular user and a page where all the transaction are shown like user login/logout what time, user create/update/delete what item etc.

Is there a working script for this?
I would hope to code by myself from scratch as I can learn along the way.

Thank you.

The way i started picking things up ( was also new to MVC ) was to find another codeigniter application.
Downloaded it and started playing around with its code. Then i started my own and moved one functionality from one to another at a time. Helped me understand a lot about the framework and also GOOGLE was my best friend.
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Well if you are just an starter I recommend just follow tutorials step by step.
If you are advance and want to save time, you can use ready made authentication best recommendation for this is community-auth or IonAuth2
for crud you can use grocery crud.

hope that helps.

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