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[Solved] Display multiple rows on calendar Question

(12-19-2015, 08:01 PM)John_Betong Wrote: >>> But what I can not seem to make it work with my get function need example.

Try adding this extra line:

Quote:public function get_calendar_data($year, $month) {
       $cell_data = array();

       $this->db->where('year', $year);
       $this->db->where('month', $month);

       $this->db->where('calendar_id', TRUE); // EXTRA LINE NEEDS VALIDATING
       $query = $this->db->get();

If that doesn't work then echo last_query() and add " WHERE calendar_id > 0"

Been searching the web and found that this code below works fine now

PHP Code:
public function get_events($year$month) {
       $calendar = array();

       $query $this->db->get('calendar');

       $results $query->result_array();

       foreach ($results as $event) {

           if (array_key_exists$event['day'], $calendar ) ) {
[$event['day']] = $calendar[$event['day']] .'<br />'anchor(base_url() .'report/events/'$year .'/'$month .'/'$event['calendar_id'], $event['data']);
} else {
[$event['day']] = anchor(base_url() .'report/events/'$year .'/'$month .'/'$event['calendar_id'], $event['data'])   ;

       return $calendar;

I have attached image proof.

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