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Which web hosting to use

(03-02-2016, 12:46 AM)wolfgang1983 Wrote: I have found a couple of good ones now called Siteground and also inmotion

I felt that inmotion tried to screw me over. A few years ago I had hosted a very simple CodeIgniter website with them. There really was nothing special about it, and it didn't have any memory intense features. They contacted me and said that my website was using an excessive amount of resources, and unless I could fix it I would have to upgrade to a way more expensive hosting plan. I checked everything, and double checked everything, and couldn't find anything that would cause a problem. I talked to them on the phone multiple times, and they couldn't offer any hints, but just kept saying that there was this continuing problem. So I gave up. and decided to switch hosts. I figured that if there really was a problem, a new host would say the same thing, right? I called inmotion to cancel my hosting, and all the sudden there was no problem, and everything was fine. I didn't feel like it was just a coincidence, because I had gone around in circles with them for days. I really felt like they were just trying to get me to upgrade, and give them more money.

I have no experience with Siteground. I've been using MDD Hosting for years and really like them.

There are two types of needs in web hosting. If you need low cost web host provider then you should go for namecheap. For high performance you should go with siteground.

I started using https://www.vidahost.com/ years ago because their website is built on Expression Engine, so I felt comfortable that they could help with EE or CI issues I might have.

Their support is rapid. And they support co.nz.

Based in the UK.


I use mostly useĀ Hostgator and godaddy.

I use Knownhost and have been very happy with them, their support is excellent

I'd recommend hostgator. I've been using it for almost a decade now and have never faced any issues. Another one could be godaddy, they've good hosting service to offer at a decent price but have never tried them personally. Would be creating a news website and using them as the host, only then I could recommend it.

I use myhosting, but I wouldn't recommend it. I feel that the disk speed of the servers are horrible, although it has been a little more responsive of late.

Depends on you traffic. I used 32 GB Godaddy Dedicate server, Bluehost is very worst.
DO is good

If you know how to configure a vps, try linode or digitalocean.

But if you are looking for a shared hosting, try hawkhost, they are cheap and good.

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