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Any thought of having an email queue or "spooling" in CI4?

I've built these into almost every project I've worked on and with the advent of transnational email services I wonder if they've served their purpose. We no longer throttle sending an only use our queue to track and delay messages.

https://postmarkapp.com/ with sender signatures is amazing and worth every penny. We use their web hooks to catch bounces and read receipts so we can notify our users when both occur.

Postmark is awesome. Have used it on a number of projects. And while the speed can definitely help, there are times a queue can still be beneficial, like for throttling the number sent out in an hour to keep a client's shared host project happy, or because we need to build up some PDF's for gift cards to go in each email, etc. They both have their places still, I think.

I spent a little time working on an email queue for Laravel this weekend:


I know Laravel has it's own queue, and mailer, but I like what I've been using with CI3, and I've been learning Laravel.

Since we're on the topic of queues, since I had never seen what Laravel has to offer I thought my email queue would be sort of standard, storing email config/contents in a DB and then using cron to attempt sending. Either I misunderstand how their queue works, or I just don't like the idea of running a listener (long running process) because I'm not hosting my websites on accounts where I feel comfortable doing it.

Anyways, I don't want to get all Laravelly here, but I do want to say that I hope your Mail (email class) doesn't end up like theirs. It's just too limited. Better to use Swiftmailer directly.

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