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Prevent parsing my site

Hello! I have faced with one trouble and hoping u could help me

So, I have a site for example


So not so long ago I found some sites like scion.fw , scion.asaf.com and so on which have same content

other words just copy of my but with another domain, so they steel my site pages cut all javascript and

add some js with advertising!

How can I do something to prevent this?

This is copyright infringement. Send them a request to remove copied content. If they do not you can take legal action.


As for the js, you cannot really stop someone except to obfuscate it (which only hinders, does not prevent) or to have it interact server side so much that anything they take is pretty useless anyway.

Of course, stealing code is illegal, it is your code, your copyright, but unless you have done something amazing I would not bother obfuscating anything.

I saw a site that said that they were so fed up with people stealing their JS they open sourced it so at least people could use it under licence, and it got improved with suggestions and bug fixes etc. Worth thinking about, github is free for open source stuff.

It is a bit frustrating but hard to prove they stole it and what exactly do you gain. JS is client side so it has to be readable by the client so you cannot really hide effectively anyway. Although some obfuscators are pretty good at making it a pain to decode, it also becomes a pain for you when it needs debugging, recoding and reuploading again.

I feel your frustration though. It happens to stack overflow all the time.

Best wishes,


Many thanks for quick answer but i feel lost. Thing is that not one site copy, many copies! only today i found 6 or 7!

I think this is some kind of hacking, cause they add some adversting and show pages with another domain name.

I am even did next

Create on my site http://mysite/test.php script with

<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] ?>

and then request in browser http://fakesite/test.php I get 'mysite' !!!

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That seems very odd indeed.

I have no suggestions for you but am very interested. Hopefully someone else will have a suggestion for you.

What host ip address gets reported for the fake sites domains?

For example, or

I found that requests coming from there has CloudFlare header like

HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP and other, starting with HTTP_CF_...

I dont know about this technology, maybe block all requests with such kind of headers?

Cause maybe CloudFlare using by servers not by usual browser clients?

Anyway thank you for your attention Smile

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