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CodeIgniter 4 Pre-Alpha 1: Obfuscated IDs and routing

(This post was last modified: 06-26-2016, 06:37 AM by ivantcholakov.)

In CodeIgniter 4 Pre-Alpha 1 there is built-in feature for obfuscating ID's that is managed by the sort of "mini-AR" for models. So, this is and example from the documentation:

// Creates something like: http://exmample.com/users/MTIz
$url = '/users/'. $model->encodeID($user->id);

I think, there should be introduced a placeholder (a named sub-pattern) within the router that is to recognize the corresponding hashes. currently there are these placeholders:

If the format of the resulting hash makes possible it to be distinguished with reliability then a new placeholder for routing patterns can be introduced, (:hash) or with similar name.

That's a good idea, since it's a readability thing. It's good to glance at your routes and know which are hashed id's and which are something else.

I'll just have to go back through and make sure that I properly account for all possible characters.

And - this is done and in the repo as of last night. Thanks for the idea!

Thank you.

yes, it is good idea! lile fuel

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