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Integrating MVC framework to CMS (CodeIgniter)

Hello there,

Call me Angel. Recently, am having trouble with the project a client gave me. It's an existing website which primarily built from Codeigniter MVC framework. However, the client wants to add CMS features to it. I'm new to codeigniter. So I did some research if its possible to integrate an MVC website to CMS. Fortunately, CodeIgniter also caters CMS functionality. I read the documentation and watch some tutorials, but given by the fact that am just a newbie in this field, it get me puzzled.

I've downloaded CodeFighter, which seems to be a codeigniter CMS software. However, by the time the download was completed, I was stuck and didn't know what to do next. What I did is install the CodeIgniter to the XAMPP -> htdocs; copied the `application` directory from the existing website then replaced the `appplication` folder inside the newly installed codeigniter inside the XAMPP.

Afterwards, I followed the codes given in this tutorial. But things doesn't work well. When I run it on a browser, the result only fires an error. Perhaps, it is because that the tutorial am reading is for fresh CMS site only. And just not for an existing MVC framework trying to add CMS functionality in it. Does anyone of you had the same experience already?
How did you manage to survive make the whole thing work?

Any suggestions are truly appreciated. Angel

An angel descended from above. Angel

Make sure you have a solid understanding of PHP first.
It sounds to me like you are looking for something a little more "off the shelf".

CodeIgniter is a framework to build web applications on. By itself it doesn't do "much" but provide a framework. Besides the Welcome screen you don't get much else visually (unless you include the error messages)

A CMS (content management system) is one such web application you could build on a CodeIgniter

Hope that helps?


My first advice would be to manage your client's expectations right away. Building a CMS or part of a CMS in CI requires advanced skills especially if you want your code to be used in the future and not just to solve a problem that you have at this exact moment.

My second advice in case you want to go on with this is to try several CI CMS. I would avoid the first 3 because they have very few stars on github:



My third advice is that you follow instructions on github / CMS documentation website. If you can't get it to work try to help the developers to improve docs / detect problems you found on instalation.

My fourth advice is if you only want to do some quick stuff and you think you will never touch that again and you are not comfortable with CI, you can just go around CI and use normal PHP or other stuff. CI doesn't force you to use MVC or whatever. You can make some rambo code and move on.

I would strongly advise you to go with the first advice Smile it's where freelancers fail most of the time.

Creating a CMS on top of ci is required an advanced skill. here is a book that helps you a lot. Practical CodeIgniter 3 by Lonnie Ezell. I suggest read a free sample before you buy.

Thanks for the advice, Sir. However, in response to your forth advice, it is not something that I need to get done in one shot then never go back again. The project I am working with is already existing. But the previous System administrator left without hard documentation and proper endorsement of this website. So when I checked it on Cpanel, it was created mainly on Codeigniter MVC framework. 

Now, the client wants the authorized users to be able to log in to the website to be able to post articles, videos, images and stuff without getting into code. Because, they had no programming background. That's why CMS was being proposed. They're just ordinary office workers. Since the previous system administrator, left without notice, this problem befall on me who was just newly recruited. And I had no idea how to turn it into CMS based on its framework.

We would need to have this done as soon as possible, because the management is on the rush to use it. What am searching for is a kind of software that can facilitate my website into making it into CMS in just a matter of clicks. Is there any such thing as that?

If I were to create CMS from scratch, it would take a couple of months to get it done, which is not advisable. Coz, just like what I've said, the management is in a rush.

An angel descended from above. Angel

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