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Function does not work

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I have a function to modify the profile, however, it displays "error" instead of "success" I do not know why, here is my code

PHP Code:
 public function modifier_mon_profil($user_id)
        $userinfo $this->ion_auth_model->profil_user($this->ion_auth->get_user_id());
        $this->smarty->assign("meta_titre"'Modification de votre profil');
        $this->smarty->assign("meta_description"'Modifiez votre profil');
        $this->smarty->assign("info"$userinfo );
         if ($this->ion_auth->get_user_id() == $userinfo->id)


              if ($this->form_validation->run() == TRUE)
                      $user_id $this->ion_auth->get_user_id();
                      $sexe $this->input->post('sexe');
                      $rpgmaker $this->input->post('rpgmaker');
                      $biographie $this->input->post('biographie');
                      $signature $this->input->post('signature');
                      $siteweb $this->input->post('siteweb');
                      $email $this->input->post('email');
                   if ($this->Ion_auth_model->editprofil($user_id$sexe$rpgmaker$biographie$signature$siteweb$email))
echo 'Success'
                     else {
                      echo 'Error';


Sorry for my bad english, i speak French, i use Google Translate

This must not be the whole method/function because you have 6 opening braces { and only 4 closing braces }.
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