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AJAX Load Content No Page Refresh

(02-22-2017, 02:43 PM)Thanks a lot for your guide Wouter60 Wrote: Sounds pretty complex, but it isn't.
The whole idea is that you have an html element on your page, let's say a <div>, that must be populated with a different content, triggered by some user action. For a start, you'll have to give this html element a unique id, in order to change it's content with jQuery.
<div id="mycontent"><p>Old piece of content blablabla<p/></div>
<button type="button" id="button1">Click me to change the content!</button>

Next, you write a method (= function) inside a controller that must return the new content.  Make sure it ends with an echo statement:
PHP Code:
echo '<p>New piece of content tadaaa!</p>'

If this method must accept one or more parameters, the safest way is passing 'POST' variables to it in the AJAX request.
Handle them with the standard CI way for $_POST variables, e.g.:
PHP Code:
$category $this->input->post('category'); 

The last step is the jQuery part in your view. Make sure your view has a link to the jQuery library in the <head> section.
PHP Code:
url "<?= base_url();?>controller/method";
       var cat 'A';
posturl, { category cat })
done(function(data) {

After the user has clicked the button, the div will have the new content without a page refresh.

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