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Atom / VSC - code completion

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Currently i use Netbeans as my main IDE, however recently i got frustrated with the amount of background scanning it does.

I'm eyeing Atom and Visual Studio Code editors to see whether one of them can replace Netbeans for me.

The functionality i need and i have trouble setting up for Atom or VSC is the following:
- code completion (i can't get any of them to autocomplete classes and methods either for CI3 of for CI4)
- format on save (psr-2 works with plugins using php-cs-fixer), but i would like to tweak it to format according to  CI3 or CI4 style guide.
- navigator panel to show the method names within a class would be handy

So my question is, do you guys know any plugins or settings that would help me achieve the above?

side note - take a look at phpstorm - amazing IDE and codeigniter code completion is pretty easy to add with an autocomplete.php file
in your application/config folder

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I personaly use Atom as my text editor, in office we use PHPStorm it almost done everything with minimal configuration.

in atom:
code completion: I use to configure atom's snippet

format on save: php-cs would do but for me atom linter is better together with its sub package (php-lint, js-lint, etc). psr standards is configurable in xml file (ruleset.xml by default). I use to put my ruleset outside the project directory to make it my global coding standards.

- navigation: I think it is what you call "go to definition" if im not mistaken, its built in on phpstorm I forgot if I installed it in atom but I got what I want on both editor.
God Bless CI Contributors Smile

Look: Atom PHP Environment + CodeIgniter 3 & 4

(05-04-2017, 02:57 PM)natanfelles Wrote: Look: Atom PHP Environment + CodeIgniter 3 & 4

I was looking for this post as i've seen it before just could not find it.

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