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Asking for help or asking for free build time

The thing is that if they tried, they would eventually figure it out. I'm just going to throw out a percentage, but I'd say that 75% of the time when I have a coding issue, if I just persist, read, look for answers on Google, I'm going to find the solution. Usually the solution is not that hard to find. Coming here and asking for code should receive a negative rating.

Hey, can anyone build me a website like ebay for $100.00? (I actually had a customer ask this). What's the difference between that and free code ... not much.

(05-26-2017, 01:27 PM)skunkbad Wrote: Hey, can anyone build me a website like ebay for $100.00?

It was funny the first time. Now I immediately double my rate for the asker. The next question is usually, "How much does a website cost?" Confused

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How about the customer that says:

"I want an online shop that is simple, clean, modern, beautiful, clever, interesting, unique, stylish, represents our USP's and is no.1 on search engines for the terms like 'car, home, job and shopping'.

"what's your budget?"



"Can you do it?"

"...oh fuck off.." (Sound of phone being hung up).

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(05-27-2017, 03:25 PM)natanfelles Wrote: [Non-English redacted]
i agreee with this completely. the warning (or alert) would be fair, but if they now already don't feel like searching for it, and doing research, i am afraid, that such a warning would not be effective. before any new user (for example under 20 posts, or modified by an admin if needed per user) the sould get the warning. so one would click the submit post button and then first see the warning that they would have to read and then click on the submit button to really submit the question...
(05-27-2017, 03:25 PM)natanfelles Wrote: [Non-English redacted]
That's why i get my information from all over the web. pasting to google translate is part of gathering information you need.

Yeah, we all have stories of unrealistic expectations when it comes to websites. Or comparisons to some related kid in a basement who can do it all for a couple hours billable rate.

I compare building a website to building a house (as most people can relate to that, at least in abstract) which also helps transition to "this is a lot of decisions, questions, work, changes and time" which helps bring the quality/quantity/cost questions in to better focus.

It's really interesting hearing you guys talk about how in 20 years ago you couldn't just go on the internet and get an answer. I honestly can't imagine that scenario nowSmile

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