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Starting with CI4

I wanted to start a new application and try with CI4 But I even am not able to display a simple echo

I have this message

If you see this message, you have not configured your web server properly.
You need to set your "document root" to the 

 folder inside your project. This could be your default setting, or that of a virtual host, depending on how you set up your local development environment.

What shall I do. I am developping in local with url like localhost/cI4/index.php/test

I created a test.php controler with just echo test. 

In Apache's https.conf you need to set the document root to something like /opt/lampp/htdocs/public if you are using lampp.

If you're using mamp/mamp pro then set the doc root to xxx/cI4/public if that's were your installation is.
Simpler is always better

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Learn the User Guide.
When you upload to a hosting company you will need to configure the **application/Config/Paths.php** file.

Also see the **public/index.php**.

To solve this issue, configure the "document root" of your virtual host to be the **public** folder path. Or run the PHP server like described on the User Guide.

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