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A month passed after last commit

(05-24-2018, 12:52 PM)kilishan Wrote: You're right. It takes a while for basically one person to rewrite a framework from scratch. Especially when it's a volunteer job that they've given up hundreds if not thousands of hours of their own personal time for. I don't make money from this. I don't have a company providing work time to build out the framework like other frameworks have had. There's no corporate funding anywhere on this project.  Heck, I've had 3 ideas for potentially profit-generating sites I'd love to build in those 2.5 years, but haven't had the time because I've been working on this. I've even considered stopping development on it since I don't use it in my day job anymore, but i haven't because it's something I committed to back then, even if I had no idea when I started it would be primarily me. But that's how it has worked out.

Just because the project started 2.5 years ago, doesn't make it ok to start the thread with an easily-verifiable lie. Really not cool.

If you'd like to see it get done faster, please contribute. If you'd like it not to "die slowly", please contribute - and convince others to contribute.

And please don't take this wrong. I'm very appreciative of everyone that has contributed already. There are several that have made huge contributions to the project. I just needed to take a moment and vent, since I haven't the other 1/2 dozen times people have complained.

Yes, I Know the problem of writing a whole framework by a single person. I am using Codeigniter from 2007 for various projects. Contribute to Codeigniter was in mind a lot of times. But don't know where to start, what are the procedures, what happen if something has gone wrong. If you can help me and my friends to start at some point we are ready to do the work.

I am a freelancer doing projects for money from a third world country India (Here Money got very less value and must do more work to live). Working with Codeigntier in various projects (because it is lightweight, easy to get things done). Will try to keep it running.

If my words got a bad feeling don't take it very seriously.
CI4 FAN - Codeigniter Performance Specialist.

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