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LTS - CI 3 -- how long will it be supported/maintained ?

(06-19-2018, 06:52 AM)ciadmin Wrote: CI is community-developed, with a volunteer (not funded) team.
That makes it impossible to provide a roadmap with any sort of guaranteed release date.
Some of the community have contributed, and Lonnie Ezell has been a trooper leading the development.
The project advances commensurate with the community involvement!

@rangka.kaceng Your last point doesn't make sense to me.

As we all know, all frameworks have their on pros and cons. I was just assuming that generally and has nothing personal against the council and CI itself. I'm just trying to be honest, hoping the people involve in CI can take criticism openly and don't get emotional when they see some negative (or not so pleasant) feedback like mine. It is where you can get some marks to strive. Regarding my last point, I feel like something is holding CI back but I'm not sure what? For example, it took years to release a stable version of CI4 and complete its coverage. Seems like most developers are not really that interested in the project (or the rewards) they get from completing it hence the "slumber" mood. Most also I believe have family and a day job to take care too. This is something beyond our control. Nevertheless, I'm still thankful for what CI has become to this date and honestly I made a few $ from it and maybe that's why I'm the one who gets emotional instead. Big Grin

Pertti Wrote:Rangka, assuming L stands for Laravel?

I totally understand and I'm fine since I think this is not really that big of a deal, I'm pretty sure it's just a small "internal organisational structure" thingy. Someone has to take charge and "lead" the team (by force, if necessary). I wished I was that "god" level developer so I can sit down and spend a few days to study and get things done but that's not possible because I'm a chef and novice end user only and at the end of the day the product still has to be validated by the council. Like in real corporate world, paperwork has to be approved by team manager before it gets to the boss hands.

I agree to disagree with "real developer use Laravel" statement. I think the real one just use PHP out of the box without any framework even for the so-called "faster development" and "not reinventing the wheel" excuses. A very good example to this is the Laravel make:auth command. Why would someone use the pre-made authentication system, I'll be better off spending the next few days to create a customized authentication system with some client-side + server-side validations and to even add some fancy ajax modal for better UI/UX experience. Otherwise, it will just be another front-end framework like Bootstrap providing ready-made/generic solutions. It will somehow jail the developer's creativity because they are doing things in a way by using the default solution.

I'm also not here to discuss about Laravel, that's not really important and I don't want CI to be like it. CI should create its own fundamental which is easy to understand from Level 1 to 100 types of programmers.

Thank you.

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RE: LTS - CI 3 -- how long will it be supported/maintained ? - by rangka.kacang - 06-19-2018, 09:42 AM

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