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Just posted part 3 of the Building an Auth library tutorial over at my Patreon page for insiders. This covers password validation that keeps things as secure as possible without requiring crazy composition rules, matching up with NIST's latest guidelines.

New video is live over at Patreon for supporters: Routing Options in CodeIgniter 4. We look at the different routing options available and when - and why! - you'd want to use different options.

I will contribute financially after my own finances stabilize.

I love life when learning, and I want to learn PHP, and CodeIgniter 4 simultabneously as I develop a web based application. It is going to take a while, but I will contribute when I can... starting with alpha testing.

Darwin - thanks! Look forward to seeing what you create with CodeIgniter.

Just added a new tutorial over at Patreon - part 4 of the Build An Authentication series is live. It's the second-to-last article planned in that series.

The latest video is up over at Patreon. This time we take a look at all of the ways to work with the database, from the most bare-metal methods, working our way up to Entity and Models working together.

The most recent article is live over at Patreon. This is final article in our Building an Auth System series, and covers how to implement a secure Remember Me functionality in the authentication system.

A new video over at Pateon this time going over the huge changes made to working with uploaded files in CodeIgniter 4.

Hello Kilishan,if i joined in patreon page on 10$ tier, how much time i can access your tutorials, i dont have much more ideas about this plateform patreon

Hey rmcdahal - You can access all of the written tutorials that have been written, and all written ones that will be written.

The latest video tutorial is up over at the Patreon page, covering View Cells: what they are, what they're good for, and how to use them. I'm really excited to see how people end up using this feature since it's so flexible.

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