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Add PURGE of RESTful paths for a single resource

Hi everyone,
To quickly create a handful of RESTful paths for a single resource with the resource () method, I needed to implement the purge method to delete all deleted records.
I would like this method to be implemented.
I share the changes I made to the "system\router\RouteCollection.php" file below
I hope it is useful to someone.

I'm very sorry if I'm wrong to post here.

ADD into public function resource
*      // Generates the following routes:
*      HTTP Verb | Path        | Action        | Used for...
*      ----------+-------------+---------------+-----------------
*      PURGE       /photos/            purge           purge all deleted photos

// Added row 874
if (in_array('purge', $methods))
$this->purge($name . '/purge' , $new_name . '::purge', $options);

ADDED after public function delete
    * Specifies a route that is only available to PURGE requests.
    * @param $from
    * @param $to
    * @param array $options
    * @return \CodeIgniter\Router\RouteCollectionInterface
   public function purge(string $from, $to, array $options = null): RouteCollectionInterface
       $this->create('purge', $from, $to, $options);

       return $this;

.php   RouteCollection.php (Size: 35.41 KB / Downloads: 59)
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Where do you see an HTTP PURGE verb?
Mozilla doesn't recopgnize it - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs...TP/Methods
Nor can I find any reference to this verb/method in the W3C HTTP materials

You are right!
The HTTP PURGE method exists but is not defined in the HTTP RFCs.
I was fooled using Postman ...  Confused
Not being defined as "standard", it makes more sense to manually add the path with the $ routes- method> add ().

I found the answer by following this link ...

Thank you very much for your support.
Codeigniter 4 - Docker Image [github] [docker hub]

For example Varnish HTTP cache uses PURGE method, but its a made up HTTP method, not official...

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