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Cookies and sometimes sessions disappear on subdomain

I am using Codeigniter to create a website that works with different subdomains. Each customer gets his own subdomain and can log in from there.
for instance:

The problem is that cookies regularly disappear after logging in at a subdomain, sometimes immediately after refreshing the page. Sometimes after opening a different page but sometimes also after some minutes.

Meanwhile I have tried different things but I can't find the problem. It happens both when I use the cookie helper of codeigniter and the standard php cookie methods.

I tried the following for cookies:

PHP Code:
$rootdomain '.domain.nl';
      $cookie = array(
          'name'   => 'session_hash',
          'value'  => $session_hash,
          'expire' => '86400',
          'domain' => $rootdomain,
          'prefix' => 'domainprefix',
          'path'   => '/',
          'secure' => TRUE

and the PHP method:

PHP Code:
setcookie("session_hash"$session_hashtime() + 86400,'/',$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']); 

For the sessions I use the standard PHP method like:

PHP Code:
$_SESSION['session_hash'] = $session_hash

So I tried to set a session hash cookie and session for back-up, but the cookie and the session disappear.

is there anyone who can tell me what I'm doing wrong?
If I use the same functions without a subdomain, it works fine.

1) Sometimes you need to add a period ( . ) to the beginning of the domain name.

2) Make sure that your cookie & session expire time is set correctly.
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