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How to show date rows equals current date?

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We're in the home stretch.  I'm definitely awake now after a good nights rest (I was starting to run on fumes).  Ok, I see what the issue was, I had one to many parenthesis.

Here you go...

select count(employee_id) as count
from (
select employee_id,year,month,
  case when LOCATE('-',multiple) > 0 then substring(multiple,1,locate('-',multiple) - 1)
  else multiple end as 1st_date,
  case when LOCATE('-',multiple) > 0 then substring(multiple,locate('-',multiple) + 1,length(multiple) - locate('-',multiple))
  else multiple end as 2nd_date
from ats_leave_apps
) as d
where curdate() between (DATE(concat(year,'-',month,'-',1st_date)) - INTERVAL 1 DAY) and (DATE(concat(year,'-',month,'-',2nd_date))

I fixed the previous code too.

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I should have done this last night it would have been easier (I probably was really tired). Anyway...here the query is with your sample data. Enjoy http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/6831ef/1/0

The code is now perfectly working sir without any error. One last hit sir, do I need to put an (AND) if let's say I will add another condition like if 'approved' column will be equal to 1 which approved leave and 2 disapproved of course I want approved = 1. Thank you for your generous heart for helping me out on this. I know positive rating of 1 is not enough. But I sincerely thank you.


Yes, you can add an AND if you need to. It was my pleasure helping. Challenges like this keeps my mind engaged and I enjoy helping others. I love doing it.

I'm having problem adding it. It gives me error. I added it after the last close parenthesis.


Is the approved column in the ats_leave_apps table? if so, here is my solution http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/4a8d64/2/0

I added the approved column to the FROM datasource (If I don't the select statement doesn't see the column from the datasource). This allows me to add it to the where statement.

Two thumbs up sir, the code now working smoothly. Thank you a lot. I hope in the future if I need some help I can find you. God bless you more as you are very generous to others.

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