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Questions about the community library


I am new and I start on CodeIgniter. I have been developing for 15 years in PHP and I have never used a Framework. I have to start a new complex project and I decided to do it with CodeIgniter 3. (Why 3? Because I need stability and a production version with support and feedback)

I read all the documentation and do the tutorial. Very good documentation by the way, very accessible and simple, it's great. I have a few questions before I start developing my project if some people could guide me, would be great.

- I would like to know if there is an "official" link that lists the libraries or code of the community? I saw that there was the wiki (https://github.com/bcit-ci/CodeIgniter/wiki) but the search is very difficult (1 word only) and does not seem very relevant and up to date (error 404 ). This is the only place that exists with Google search?

Among the things I will need for my project, it is an authentication system for my users with a connection via Google and Facebook and email.

So I look in the wiki that returns a multitude of links with "auth" as search, but it does not seem up to date .. After several search on Google "codeigniter library authentication", I finally found that the lib Ion seems the one that is most maintained and seems to have the most star, more created by one of the founders of CodeIgniter, so it seems a good choice. I am wrong ?

I did not find anything for Google / facebook. Did I do my research wrong?

The only solution I think is to integrate this library (ion auth) to manage my authentication system, and try to hand and go from scratch to add the auth Google and Facebook, hoping that this is not not too difficult. What do you think ? I found 2 articles that seems up to date on this topic: - https://www.codexworld.com/login-with-go...deigniter/
- https://www.codexworld.com/facebook-login-codeigniter/

So I'd like your opinion before I get into something too complex or that might not work.

The wiki is notoriously out-of-date, obsolete, opinionated, etc. It is a legacy carryover from the EllisLab days.

A more appropriate resource for you would be https://github.com/codeigniter-id/awesome-codeigniter


Thanks for this link, the resources seem indeed more numerous and more up to date. I will watch this carefully.

As for my authentication problem, do you think my choice is the best? the simplest ?

Thank you for your help

Hi !

Since you coming from vanilla PHP to Codeigniter, my suggestion is to go with CI4 !

I believe that CI4 is stable an secure enough to be used... The 4.0 version is coming really soon !

Also, IonAuth is very easy to be implemented and used with CI4 ! 

For google login, It is very easy to used with CI4 !

Any PHP tutorial will work with CI4 !

I used these instructions and got it working ....


Thank you for your answers and this information. I will continue to watch and do tests.

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