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How do I configure SPARK to see routes?

With php spark serve the return is that way:

PHP Code:
[Fri May  1 00:08:05 2020192.168.1.112:49612 Accepted
[Fri May  1 00:08:05 2020192.168.1.112:49612 Closing
[Fri May  1 00:08:05 2020192.168.1.112:49613 Accepted
[Fri May  1 00:08:05 2020192.168.1.112:49614 Accepted
[Fri May  1 00:08:05 2020192.168.1.112:49613 Closing
[Fri May  1 00:08:05 2020192.168.1.112:49616 Accepted
[Fri May  1 00:08:05 2020192.168.1.112:49616 Closing 

I would like to see what GET PUT POST requests are being made to the server.

Or at least which route was called and what parameters were passed in the GET.

It is possible?

That would be cool, but it is not supported. The server is just a handy front-end for PHP's built in server which doesn't provide any options for output formatting.

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