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CodeIgniter v4.0.3 released

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Thanks to a number of tireless community members we have fixed a lot of little items, adding even more polish to the code and the user guide.

Thanks to the community, there have been 74 bugs closed, 21 issues closed, and 88 merged pull requests. These are all
listed in the changelog. This is a small
representation of some of the bigger changes you should know about.


- The API Response Trait now only determines the final formatting (json/xml) through content negotiation when
the controller's ``$format`` variable is ``null``. If it contains either ``json`` or ``xml``, then that
format will always be returned.
- Pagination now can actually create next page and previous page links, instead of next/previous groups of links.
- Windows users wanting to build their own copy of the user guide locally can now use the included ``make.bat`` file.
- Locale matching in the IncomingRequest class now works to match broad groups, like ``fr`` even when the browser only
supplies a more specific locale code, like ``fr-FR``.
- Added the ability to have nested language defintions.
- add ability to replace {locale} to request->getLocale() in form_open('action')
- tables generated by CLI commands can now be colored.

Bugs Fixed:

- Deleting through the Model on a table with string primary key now works.
- Default pagination templates fixed to use the correct locale.
- Lots of tweaks and corrections in the user guide.
- Fixed locating files in custom namespaces that were occassionally not found. Primarily affected console commands.

Shout Outs:

A couple of members, LittleJ and jreklund have done a great job modernizing the look of the user guide for all of the 4.x branch.

MGatner created an Action for the main repo to automatically push out new releases in the /appstarter and /framework repos that seems to have worked like a charm during it's initial release.

Edit: I knew I forgot someone as I was posting this after midnight last night. But huge thanks to samsonasik for helping to improve the code quality through testing, PRs to address smaller details we might have missed, and tons of helpful comments on other's PRs.

What's up Next?

I've started using GitHub Projects for the rough roadmap of bigger features I think would be nice for upcoming releases. If you have specific features you'd like to see feel free to open feature requests here in the forum so it can be discussed and we can determine the need for it.

One new thing I am going to try out is to make use of our codeigniter4projects organization on GitHub to present some of these bigger features as stand-alone projects. Once they've been completed people are free to use them with any version of CI they have. Then, when we get closer to a point release they can be merged into the official repo. I think this allows these features to get in your hands faster. It gets more testing on the features done before an official release, and keeps things a bit more transparent.

The first feature that will be tackled this way is a Task Scheduler, or Cronjob runner. I've already gotten the feature list pulled together and a little bit of a start on the code. It isn't the smallest feature in the world so don't expect it to be ready for a little bit, but I'm pretty excited about this. It's something that I wished CI came with for years.

What are we looking for?

I would love to see a contribution for a port of the MSSql driver over to CI4. We've had a couple people start it over the years but never see it through.

Great work!!! Thanks CI-team!!!

Thanks everyone for making this happen! Barely made it in with a couple of user guide updates.
It feels amazing seeing your work being put to good use and acknowledged. :-)

More user guide updates to come, as I'm working my way down the chapters. After that I could actually start using the framework myself (and fix some bugs) and see what more needs to be improved.

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Thank you Lonnie and framework and user guide dev. team! Working with CI4 has been great so far!
You can see things I made with codeigniter here: itart.pro its not overly impressive as I have very little time to learn.

Great news, thanks!

Thank you!

Awesome news!! A BIG THANKS to all involved.

perfect. thanks comunity.
CI is nice Heart

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I would like to thank you for inserting information on page numbering in the manual, in the new release, I am talking about pagination. It was a gesture of nobility, thank you very much !.

Thank Tim CI

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