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Upgrade to CI4 while running CI3


I searched the forums for this, hoping someone perhaps had the same thought but didn't have any luck.

I have a decent size SaaS application built using CI3; it's update to date already. I would love to switch it to CI4 entirely, but that's a rather large task to take care overnight.

I am considering adding new functions (for example a stock manager, blog, a report that downloads as CSV etc.) using CI4 and then slowly, convert the CI3 portions to CI4 - one function at a time almost.

The SaaS deals with member sign up, login (so sessions) that would have to be shared between the two versions so users can move between them seamlessly.

The current application is running on Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.4.

I suppose this is mostly wishful thinking but would love any feedback.

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There are generally two things you need to do, and that's implement the same session handler in CI3 and CI4, so that you can e.g. login into CI3 and have access to the same one in CI4.

Also you need to either make a complex .htaccess file to redirect specific module/url to go into CI4 instead of CI3. Or you can host it on a separate sub-domain. And later on get rid of it after you have moved over all functionality.

Thank you jreklund. I've been leaning towards the subdomain idea as well, it will also allow us to open up the upgrade to 5% of the users and see what hits the fan, in a much more manageable way.

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