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Languages - guidances,ways to learn.

IT specialists around the world learn English since most programs and computer languages are English-based. Moreover, they usually communicate with international customers, so they need English anyway, no matter what country they live in. If you want to focus on a certain market then maybe, you should learn the local language. Or if you want to move to work abroad.

Chinese. Not only has Chinese plenty of dialects, but the language itself also isn't similar to any European language. I did read notes about the experience of studying the Chinese language somewhen - you have to memorize new material, but it's difficult to do with logical understanding because there is nothing to compare with. You should use individual symbols together with typescripts. They represent each word of the vocabulary. Moreover, a myriad of characters represents written versions that have a meaning in spoken sounds. For instance, you need to memorize over 3000 characters to read an article in the Chinese language, but a reliable dictionary requires about 40000 characters... (if you're interested, the source of this information is here)

Btw, learning Spanish is a good idea. Spanish is the second of the most used languages in the USA. And as I know, this language is quite easy to learn. I didn't try, but some friends of mine told me their opinions about it.

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