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Best Freelance Platform

Hi! I am newbie in coding, studying in IT school now. Got a question - which freelance platforms are best for newbie coders? Or just coders in further.
And also it`ll be good if you could give me information what platforms I or any other coder should avoid  Big Grin
Thanks in advance, appreciated Heart

Got an experience with Upwork. I can say that it is a nice platform, dont even know what you should avoid because thats the only platform I have worked with.
But their fees are big you know.
Also sometimes bugs with money withdrawing are appearing.
Also, if you want to apply for some work - you need `connections`. Usual consumables, but you should pay for it!
If you need more info about most popular work there or something else just reply

Big thanks for that.
I dont need info about most popular work, but nationalities of not greedy clients would be appreciated by me!
I know that indians are not that generous because they are use to work with their countryman which aren`t require big amount of money for the work done.Also if you provide me needed tools/instruments or ways to speak with good foreigners I will be very thankful to you man

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Usually eastern europeans and americans are paying well.
Got an experience with portuguese and brazil people and there were no talk about greed or low rates.
You can talk with them using services from any google top services (something like that https://thewordpoint.com/languages/portu...n-services) but be careful because many other services are paid so you can face the situation when prescribed app is not that good as its written in the some article, so you should better follow my website, because objectively best translations are there.
But of course its better to just learn language!

Really enjoy Upwork, if you're specific about what you're looking for in terms of hiring you can get some really good people.

it all depends on your knowledge, in computer science without a doubt Upwork is the best option, in iwritter writing and in marketing networks there are many

These are freelancing sites for newbie coders.

Upwork favors quality over quantity. This is beneficial to clients since it ensures that their work will be delivered on time and in good condition.

Fiverr began as a marketplace where people could purchase and sell $5 gigs. In the mean, it has evolved into a full-fledged freelancing marketplace, with people earning six-figure salaries.

Toptal has a compelling market proposition: As a result, it connects top-tier freelancers with top-tier clients.

It's a fantastic platform with a vast selection of freelancing opportunities. The archived freelancing projects are an excellent resource for getting some real-world jobs for training reasons.

Accorind to my experience there have some good freelancing marketplace where you can get a lot of jobs. 1. Upwork 2. Fiverr 3. People Per Hour 4. Guru 5. Microworker. 6. Freelancer.

Most people I asked the same question recommend Fiverr as a starting point. It's sort of easier for newbies to find their first gig there. I haven't tried it yet, though, so I can't be more specific.

According to my experience Upwork and Fiverr are the best freelancing platform. If you have the skills and quality you can create an account there and start working.

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