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Why choose CodeIgniter

I just got acquainted with CodeIgniter. I see in documetation that "CodeIgniter is right for you if you need exceptional performance".
I can't understand about that.  Who has experience please help me.

It's fast, easy to learn and easy to update.
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

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Well, there are not tons of unnecessary default things implemented in it. It's pure enough. And it's flexible enough for you to build any kind of project that you can do with PHP. Now, with its latest releases, PHP is faster than before! Try to understand how CodeIgniter works. At least you should get the Controller - Model - View (MVC) concept which is a modern way of coding. By the way CodeIgniter is very lightweight. I mean, it's around 900 kb. When it's time to go live on a real server, it's easy! Upload it - arrange some changes if needed and go!

So, I don't know your coding background but the to do list should be:

- Learn PHP (you will advance in time)
- Learn Controller - Model - View (MVC) concept.
- Learn CodeIgniter (There might be some differences between frameworks, e.g default folder names)


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Benefits of Using CodeIgniter for Web Development  Smile

1. Faster execution time when compared with other PHP frameworks
2. CodeIgniter comes with excellent data classification
3. It is the most straightforward configurations of the CodeIgniter PHP framework
4. CodeIgniter is one of the most secure frameworks
5. CodeIgniter requires less coding
6. It is easy to manage errors in CodeIgniter
7. It comes with great testing possibilities
8. CodeIgniter has suitable template solutions

Hope you like my answer...

Mark Williams

CodeIgniter has a simple interface which makes it easy to learn and use. If there are any changes in your requirements in the future, they can be easily reflected in your business system through quick solutions using various tools and controllers available in CodeIgniter.
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1- MVC and HMVC framework

CodeIgniter is a popular PHP framework for constructing web applications rapidly. It is an implementation of the popular Model-View-Controller(MVC) pattern.

While controller classes are an essential component of development, CodeIgniter also comes with pre-built libraries for connecting to the database and performing various tasks, such as sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, etc.

Modifications of CodeIgniter can make use of Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) that allows the developers to arrange Controller, Model, and View in a subdirectory format.

2- Open source and well documented

CodeIgniter is an open source PHP web application using the Codeigniter framework, which is very easy to learn.Its documentation very well defined any fresher can easily understand and implement in his project.

3- Community support

It has a big community and very supportable members in the community who help to grow our knowledge and also support any type of query related to CodeIgniter projects etc.

4-Reduce server response time:

The server response time is the number of seconds it takes for the server to respond to a browser’s request. A good server response time indicates good performance optimization of CodeIgniter.

Some tools to scale down include utilizing good web hosting services, making use of fewer server resources, etc. CodeIgniter Development Services help to improve the server response time and the overall performance of your website.

5- Lightweight

It helps developers build any type of website, web application, CRM, and ERP software. It does not consume more memory in our system and doesn’t take up extra space on the server. It is costly, but you can use any additional feature that is included in the software or web application at any time without any limitation.

6- Customizable

It is totally customizable. Codeigniter has built-in libraries that are designed to assist with web tasks such as database management, form validation, and e-mail sending.

Some advanced features are:

1- Security and XSS Protection.

2- Localizing.

3- Error reporting.

4- Data encryption, file upload, page management, session management.

5- Zip encoding class.

6- Flexible URI Routing.

7- Full-page caching.

7- Beginner friendly framework:

One of the great features of Codeigniter is its user-friendly framework. Any new developer can learn coding and development here quickly and easily. Many of the classes and libraries have already been defined and most of the environment work has already been performed.

8- SEO Friendly: One of the great features of Codeigniter is its segment-based approach, instead of the traditional query approach. Because they are search engine friendly, they don’t cause problems.


thank you all for the answers, I was hesitating to learn codeigniter and you have convinced me.

Hi, i got to know about CodeIgntiter which is of great help in building websites. Thanks

Fast easy light secure ci4
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CodeIgniter is marvelous in many ways. The features and functions it carries make the web development job away easier than ever. 

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