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Factories in docs explained badly

I'm trying to figure out how to use factories in CI4.
But the documentation is not up to par on explaining it.

For example here:https://codeigniter.com/user_guide/conce...ories.html


namespace Config;

use CodeIgniter\Config\Factory as BaseFactory;
use CodeIgniter\Filters\FilterInterface;

class Factories extends BaseFactory
    public $filters = [
        'instanceOf' => FilterInterface::class,

This example seems to be a mix of the Config/Factory.php and Factories.php files mentioned above the code.

Anyone here that can give a working example? Both files mentioned, and where do I place the Factories.php file? in app/Factories ?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

$data = Factories::myfactoryfunction('Data');

How do I create a new Factory function like above?
Shouldn't be too hard i guess, but I can't figure it out by reading the documentation.
And I haven't found any examples searching the web. Any help appreciated.

Yes, it is difficult to understand how to use Factories.

How about this?
PHP Code:
$data Factories::myfactoryfunction(Data::class); 

+1 to this, documentation basically explains nothing on this topic Undecided

Hello guys,

I found how to do.
Create the file app/Config/Factory.php where to set these options. Then check that the namespace is Config such as te other config file (not App/Config).

Hope this help you.

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