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codeigniter4 CMS

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I've put my approach to a very light CMS system i wrote on top of Codeigniter4 here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/codeigniter4cms/

Development probably here : https://notabug.org/captainsensible/codeigniter4CMS

I acknowledge all of the CI4 content etc is owned by the Codeigniter team and i make no claim to any of it. Also my intention for my written code is that it inherits the license of Codeigniter  as far as i am concerned I  put it out there for general use. If i need to add anything  such as "none official " Ci4  CMS, or based on .. to satisfy any requirements  then , thats no problem.

I more or less only just loaded it up so , still typing up - i forgot to add that for "contact us" form  to work there is some minor edit of app/controllers/Sendmail.php

I've tested it on my Linux rig and after running "composer install" cd into unzipped dir and running php spark serve , should work from the Desktop (because MySQl is not needed ).

Basically it should mostly work out of the box

So whats the main use ?

Well to my mind a generic blog web is mostly a couple of static pages and the facility to create a blog from a form, where you enter text browse to select image and then just left click submit and everything is done. Also the facility to edit or delete a blog.

people can get back to you via contact form

you can also upload, or delete images from a gallery. Login is simple . thats it in essence.

has drop down menu and is responsive to device view size. uses bootstrap as fron end. INside i have custom scss which can be changed and managed after running "grunt" .

what else yes code is not neat; needs cleaning up and I also have some (i acknowledge ) bad practice such as calling a controller from a controller -but i have had whats used running on web and at least it hasn't given me any problems nor has been hacked - it will do me for now .

Also i warn you the download is circa 7 MB

Thank you for contributing to the CodeIgniter Community.
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thank you

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Thanks for sharing! I’m on mobile and you only offer a .zip so I can’t browse it right now but I will check it out later.

Generally speaking, projects you create that use a framework (or any library for that matter) should use your own license - that can be whatever you want, and a common choice is inheriting the framework’s license to keep distribution simple (in CodeIgniter 4’s case, MIT). But you should put your name on the project license to differentiate your work and claim your ownership for that piece of the code!

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cheers MGatner i'm still remembering things to add that are pertinent to useage in the README.md . I guess i will get around to that MIT would be ok

I do have a github account but they just introduced tokens instead of passwords- if its a pain i'm not going to use it.

I've put alternative code here : https://notabug.org/captainsensible/codeigniter4CMS

[update its now visible sorry, some how i ticked private when it was created ]

Also i fully acknowledge it works but is rough and ready .

I will see l how take up goes - France for some reason is the destination of biggest download.

In theory there should be a massive niche for people looking for a light CMS as an alternative to W.P

Quick update I queried Richard Stallman on the license; well i believe he knows thing or 2 about them :^)

Actually got a reply .He said submit your project to fsf.org and the people that deal with that will look at it !

Thank you
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https://notabug.org/captainsensible/codeigniter4CMS updated
CMS CI4     I use Arch Linux by the way 


updated : https://notabug.org/captainsensible/code...S/releases
CMS CI4     I use Arch Linux by the way 


Code isn't very well coded.
Why are you using native php functions ? "session_start()"
also code is bad indented...

You can fix coding style with https://github.com/CodeIgniter/coding-standard

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