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IgnitedRecord 1.0 pre-release


I figured out to put the fk in the has_many array in the machine_model.

It seems there is a bug in your _protect_identifiers with the mssql driver, will report back with a fix.

UPDATE: I put a break at line 2298 in file ignitedquery.php and it worked.
The issue is it is putting quotes around the table name and making MSSQL error out. A similar but was in the 1.6.3 ver CI_Active_Record class for MSSQL (it has been fixed in 1.7.0).

why i have some problems in QUERIES?
e.g. .......
SELECT `posts`.*
FROM `posts`
and the problem is in (`posts`.*) !!!

your question is unclear. please post code.

when i run an SQL query like this ( SELECT `posts`.* FROM ..... )
it represents me undefined (`posts`.*) column !!??

What SQL server do you use?

MySQL 5.0.11 ..

Never had that kind of problem, are you sure that it isn't complaining about the title column?

... ops .. will DONE ..

Thanks for this great library!!!
but i have a question ... why limit() doesn't work with this ? or doesn't make sense!


$data['category'] = $this->category->order_by('posts.id', 'DESC')->limit(1)->join_related('posts')->find($id);
$data['posts'] = $data['category']->posts;


SELECT `posts`.`id` AS `posts_id`, `posts`.`title` AS `posts_title`, `posts`.`body` AS `posts_body`, `posts`.`created_at` AS `posts_created_at`, `posts`.`updated_at` AS `posts_updated_at`, `posts`.`permalink` AS `posts_permalink`, `posts`.`category_id` AS `posts_category_id`, `categories`.*
FROM `categories`
LEFT JOIN `posts` ON categories.id = posts.category_id
WHERE `categories`.`id` = '4'
ORDER BY `posts`.`id`  DESC

where i have to put limit() to limit my posts?

The problem with the disappearing LIMIT is that I made a wrong return value from a conditional I inserted in the find single methods, I've fixed it now.

The purpose of the conditional is to determine if to apply a limit 1, or if to skip limit (joined).

yeah ,, 'Changeset 219 for trunk/application/libraries/ignitedrecord/ignitedrecord.php'
it works fine now !

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