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I can't download the archive

The Source code (zip) link leads to the certificate error page. The archive does not load.
Quote:Connection not established: A possible security threat
Firefox detected a possible security threat and did not open codeload.github.com , since a secure connection must be established to connect to this site.

What to do? I ask for help. Thanks.

nothing to do with the url , so its either your browser, Internet provider .

Now occasionally i put on a "white hat" and need to access certain documentation. I noticed that when i tried to access web page about Tor I got some nonsense about site not responding to a handshake. I'm on Virgin internet - i then switched off Child Safe or what ever they call it and then had no problems going to the site. Therefore it could be some quirky filtering by your Internet provider and your settings

Are you on Windows or Linux ? I just succeeded getting download from command line using :

wget https://github.com/codeigniter4/framewor...v4.1.5.zip

Firefox could be involved - i just switched to Brave Browser (i'm on Arch linux) ; i have Chromium in place as back up, so maybe also update your browser or try another one
CMS CI4     I use Arch Linux by the way 


I downloaded v4.1.5 zip file with Firefox on macOS.
No problem.

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