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Ci4 as Single Page Application (SPA)

Has anyone used Ci4 to create a Single Page Application?
My end game is to create a SPA for certain functions of my Ci4 development to use with Apache Cordova, so I can generate an App for these functions only, while maintaining a single code base.
I woiuld be interested to hear from anyone who has attempted and Ci4 SPA development and to hear what other tools you might recommend to achieve this?

I use CI4 for my React JS Application.

Many thanks seunex,
My application is designed (mainly) for desktop use and is therefore 100% accessed via a browser atm. However, I think parts of the application will probably benefit being access via an app. From what I've read I believe I can use Apache Cordova to generate the app (PWA approved for iOS & Android) from a single Ci4 codebase, as long everything I want to serve from Apache Cordova is SPA. It looks like React could be the holy grail I've been searching for.
Much appreciated, this is very helpful.

(12-07-2021, 04:13 AM)seunex Wrote: I use CI4 for my React JS Application.
Hi, what do you use for user management server-side?

Donatas G.


Take a look at https://github.com/ampproject

Although originally created to decrease mobile rendering time it is fantastic at SPA.

I used CI3 to create the following demo which renders 1,000’s of thumbnails in seconds! Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom Smile


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