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CodeIgniter\Cache\Exceptions\CacheException in Codeigniter 4
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HI I am Getting an cache exception error in windows10 error not able to load files in local host. Below image link will show the error exactly please help me solve it.

https: //imgur.com/a/eYMInPd

Cache unable to write to \cache/.
SYSTEMPATH\Cache\Handlers\FileHandler.php at line 61

54 ];
55 }
57 $this->path = ! empty($config->file['storePath']) ? $config->file['storePath'] : WRITEPATH . 'cache';
58 $this->path = rtrim($this->path, '/') . '/';
60 if (! is_really_writable($this->path)) {
61 throw CacheException::forUnableToWrite($this->path);
62 }
64 $this->mode = $config->file['mode'] ?? 0640;
65 $this->prefix = $config->prefix;
66 }
68 /**

yes but what you haven't elaborated on is the web server and set up that codeigniter is being served from.

I'm on Linux and cache ,within writable directory on local host i have permissions rwxrwxrwx

That 0640 that seems to be mentioned could be read and write , read, and zilch

So basically for writable and cache directory within writable, you could try setting 777 permissions to see what happens. IN linux or at least in my case I run a command from the command line , setting permissions recursively. if your on Windows and say using WAMP or something then , then must be a properties ->security -> permissions or similar.

try looking around and try changing permissions on cache and writable so that they are read, write and executable . IN Linux you generally need the executable because that is needed fro my understanding for web server system to be able to enter directory .

Can you confirm web server is WAMP or ...
CMS CI4     I use Arch Linux by the way 


i have same question
PHP Code:
Cache unable to write to /home/wwwroot/www.xunrui.com/cache/file/. 
cd to the webroot path  
and cmd  "ll". 
check the folder user and usergroup

We need more information.

Directory Structure
What server are you using
Make sure also to run as Aminiastrator

Does the rest of the program run?
What did you Try? What did you Get? What did you Expect?

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