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Skateboarding is currently one of the most popular and widely used skateboard genres. Electric Skateboards are quite different and abundant, finding it challenging for newbies to select a decent and appropriate product. So I'll show you some budget-friendly e- skateboards. Simply pick one of the top e-board models from the list below, and you'll have a ton of fun, satisfying, and safe skateboarding moments.
The top esk8 models to buy today are listed below.

1. Swagboard NG-1

If you are looking for an electric board for your child, this is a wise choice. I say that but it doesn't mean that adults can't use it. For newbies, it is definitely suitable. With a moderate speed and easy to use driving style, you do not need to worry if you are new to electric skateboards. This board is made especially for kids, with a unique shape and two integrated grips for greater flexibility.

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Ultra-Lightweight Design with a Unique Design

Weighing just 10bs and a deck length of 31 inches, this fun design appeals to kids and it's also light enough to carry around with ease thanks to the two carved handles on both sides. two heads.

Power, Speed, and Range

You can travel short distances of about 10 miles with a top speed of 11 mph. The motor is quite powerful 250 Watts for a charge of about 3 hours. Besides, with 70mm polyurethane wheels also make your ride smoother. This board's range allows it to be utilized for short-term errands, school navigation, and local exploration. So for people with too heavy a payload over 175 bs, they should consider buying this e-board.

2. Teamgee H9

[Image: ae56d5beef8741ec0c6468a2f9a5a8a869c8d9ad_1-728x800.jpg]

Personally, I find this e-board also has a highly unique design with simple but very luxurious. Next, the floor is also thin to be able to move back and forth more easily. If you live in a small town that is not easily accessible. Every day, you're bothered during the last 5 kilometers to work. This  esk8 is undoubtedly the finest option for you.

Ultra-thin Lightweight Design, Excellent Ride Quality

With a weight of only 15.3 lbs, it can carry a maximum payload of 220 lbs. Great! A plus is that the board is also very good quality and is also suitable for riding on rough terrain and slopes as it has 90mm wide Urethane wheels with 55mm contact pads.

Power, Speed, and Range

With 2x 480 watt motors you can ride at up to 25mh/h. With only 2 hours of charging, you can travel comfortably within an 11-mile radius. Avoid a clogged public transport system in your city; whether it's a traffic jam or a packed subway, you may traverse the crowd in style. Although it is extremely versatile, it may not be suitable for people with a heavy payload.

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3. Atom Electric B10X

If you want to use an e-board for off-road rides, you can check this one out. With electrical components and durable materials built to last, the Atom Electric B10X is the best budget all-terrain skateboard.

Superior Software, Silky Smooth Performance, and a Low Center of Gravity

To begin with, the e-board is constructed near the surface for improved cornering grip. And they'll be closer to the surface, riders will feel more stable. This board is suitable for beginners. For smoother braking power, the second sophisticated FOC or Field Oriented Control software is used. Three, an electronic speed control that surpasses most cheap electric longboards in terms of smoothness.

Power, Speed, and Range

Only within 7 miles but it can reach speeds of 15 miles per hour. With a powerful 1000-watt motor that can carry a maximum weight of 200 lbs, this is the right choice for anyone who likes to drive uneven roads and climb hills. Besides, it also has a low battery alarm mode, but you don't need to worry too much because even if the battery is only 12%, you can still ride it normally.

4. Acton Blink S-R

I quite appreciate that this e-board can be used by both children, newbies and professionals. It's quick, light, and comes with an effective tripod. The second advantage is that riders will have a little issue making maneuvers with the kick.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Cool Design, Smooth Ride, Functional Kicktail

With the shape of the board with square edges, it is unlike any other esk8 on the market. This is a very unique feature that is easily recognizable by the brand.

It has 78a Durometer Urethane Wheels with 83mm diameter and easy to use brakes so it will give you a quick and smooth ride. Next comes a kicktail that helps you get through cracks in the pavement and speed bumps.

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Power, Speed, and Range

Although the operating range is not too wide, only 7 miles on a single charge is only about 45 minutes to an hour. Not too bad, right? This motor is about 500 watts and you can go at a top speed of 15mph. The product weight is also only 11lbs convenient for you to take anywhere. Or if you run out of power, just charge it in less than an hour and you can continue driving. However, tall people should consider buying this esk8.

Although I review cheap power boards, you shouldn't think it's super cool because an esk8 will have its pros and cons. And you need to choose which criteria are suitable for your trip. Some things you need to consider like durability, power, and motor.

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