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CodeIgniter 4.2

If you don't know about risk of Auto Routing (Legacy), see https://forum.codeigniter.com/showthread.php?tid=81379

Nothing has been decided yet on what will happen to Auto Routing (Legacy) in future versions.

Upgrated Success!
Thanks CI Teams, Thanks All.

Learning CI4 from my works, from errors and how to fix bugs in the community

Love CI & Thanks CI Teams


Nice! Go team go! Thanks to the CI team! Let's keep it going!

Thanks to the CI team!

Big up 1000000 xxxxx CI team you do your best to best Love you all
Codeigniter First, Codeigniter Then You!!



Fantástico. :-)

Congratulations, (congratulations super team !!)

Congratulations to all team members. Specifically for oci8 driver. I was waiting for it for long time.

Thank you.

(06-04-2022, 05:01 AM)seighth Wrote: I built my site around the idea of easily finding the controller method just by looking at the url. Now it is all thrown out the window and I have to route literally "Hundreds" of ajax and form urls and also rename probably close to a hundred methods with "get,post,put, etc.." parameters... I feel betrayed.... is there a way to make the old way work in version 4.2.1? because I am already dying trying to maintain a fully featured social networking site and then these drastic changes happen.... do you guys hate me.. I love CI but.... T_T

I was in a similar situation as yourself... a fairly large app with a couple hundred routes. 

To ease the pain of creating all the routes I have been using kenjis/ci4-attribute-routes (https://github.com/kenjis/ci4-attribute-routes)

It allows you to generate a routes file based on attributes you place above each controller method.

I go through every controller/method and add the routes attribute and run a simple spark command (php spark route:update)... voila instant routes!

If you create a few snippets in your ide to generate route attributes code, you can plow through several hundred in short order.

In the future I'll be using kenjis/ci4-attribute-routes in all new projects. Simply put, it's a brilliant tool that just makes sense (for myself at least) to use all the time.

Big thank you to kenjis Smile

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