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Who here is using docker? Although it has a steep learning curve, definitely seems the way to deploy sites. If anyone wants to share any tips for the community please do so.
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I've created a Dockerfile repository for CodeIgniter4 with SQLite3 based on an Alpine Linux image. However, I've been trying to get codeigniter4/shield working with it unsuccessfully. I receive an error that states Interface "SessionHandlerInterface" not found.

I've successfully installed MySQL on that same container and set up shield without any issues. It does work if I use the appstarter project from composer, but I have it set up to mirror a Multiple Application setup. More likely than not some path constant is configured incorrectly. Ideas?

As it turns out I neglected to install the php-session extension. Shield is installable/functional now. Apparently when I installed phpmyadmin it was installing the php-session extension automatically as a dependency and thusly there was no issue with the SessionHandlerInterface class which comes directly from PHP.

Continuing on my learnings to see how much I can do with this particular image, I've created a module to extend Shield's functionality. Using the EmailActivator as a template, the module uses the Google Authenticator app to activate an account after registration (see screenshot).
[Image: 2022-11-22-17-56-02-localhost-f291e878a06f.png]
Next step is to figure out the mechanics of saving the secret key into the identity table so it can be used for 2FA logins. The module depends on the following two composer packages:
Interestingly, I also found a tutorial for docker and CodeIgniter4 using docker compose. I'm still a docker beginner so I've yet to ascertain what are the benefits of using docker-compose as opposed to creating a custom image with a Dockerfile that does what you need as a single container. I imagine compose is intended to grant benefits in terms of isolation/modularity/productivity. Insights?

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