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FrameworkException Missing Extension

I have just installed codeigniter 4 and I'm receiving the following error
PHP Code:
foreach ($requiredExtensions as $extension) {
            if (! extension_loaded($extension)) {
                $missingExtensions[] = $extension;
        if ($missingExtensions !== []) {
            throw FrameworkException::forMissingExtension(implode(', '$missingExtensions));
      * Initializes Kint
    protected function initializeKint()

I have already enabled intl extension but it's still saying that it cannot find it. I have even restarted and done a full clean and install but till receiving this error 

Maybe you don't have this extension installed?

Use `phpinfo()` and check intl is really installed.

1.Launch the XAMPP Control Panel.
2.Apache -> Configuration -> PHP (php.ini)
3.Remove the ; after searching for ;extension=intl.
4.Changes Should Be Saved
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To resolve this issue, you need to ensure that the required extensions are installed and enabled in your PHP setup. Here are the steps you can take:

Check the list of required extensions: Review the documentation or installation guide for CodeIgniter 4 to identify the specific extensions that are required for it to function properly.

Verify PHP extensions: Use the phpinfo() function to check if the required extensions are present and loaded. Create a PHP file with the following code and access it through your web browser:

Search for the extensions in the PHP configuration page that appears and confirm if they are listed and enabled.

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