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CodeExtinguisher 2.0 Release Candidate 14.2

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
well there are a lot of fixes since RC10....i would just replace all the core files....unless you've modified them. But to answer your specific question, yes, you would just need to replace the two files you mentioned.

Another little feature for insert a small text after a field as in the attached image
into the plugin.php file set the getHTML function as
function getHTML()
        $html = $this->prefix;

            $html .= '<div class="failure">'.$this->getMessage($this->name).'</div>';

        $html .= '
            <label for="'.$this->element_name.'">
        $html .= '    &lt;input class="text" type="text" value="'.$this-&gt;value.'" name="'.$this->element_name.'" '.$this->getAttributes($this->attributes).'>

        $html .= $this->suffix;
        return $html;
and in yml file set a line as
                class: textBox
                    extra_output: example of text after input
I am a "old" Rapyd framework user.... and in my new project i insert some features present in Rapyd and not in CE


thanks jTaby. i've started updating my RC10 version to 14.2. can you tell me what encompasses all of the "core" files of CE? i HAVE made a mild amount of changes, so i'm slowly updating file by file, but it would be nice to know what all includes the core. is this list out there somewhere? i'm trying to make notes as i go along to help others in the future of upgrading, but i'm sure it'll be different from version to version, but hopefully a helpful doc nonetheless. alos, is there a changelog out somewhere? i've noticed the wiki-docs that are coming up on codeextinguisher.com. looking forward to it getting filled out. Smile when i have committable time i'd love to help with that.

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
abmcr, Well what I had in mind was that people can set the label to whatever they want, in your case, it would be:

                class: textBox
                label: Textbox, an example of text after label

ocergyNohtna, the Core is a all the files that come with the download.

fair enough, i guessed that might be your response. looks like i've got a shitty day ahead of me, in upgrading. servers me right though, i should've simply externalized any changes i made as to make it easier to upgrade in the future...heheh, which i guess is what i'll do now. Smile thanks jtaby

[quote author="jTaby" date="1212008961"]abmcr, Well what I had in mind was that people can set the label to whatever they want, in your case, it would be:

                class: textBox
                label: Textbox, an example of text after label

True, but i use the extra_output for insert an html anchor to a popup for help ;-)

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
ocergyNohtna, yeah, don't modify the core, that would make upgrading much harder

abmcr, oh ok, i see now...cool Smile

ps. read the last few posts between ocergyNohtna and I..

can anyone tell me when (what RC version) the many to many plugin was updated from the original items list with checkboxes to the current two lists allowing you to move items from one list to the other?


ok scratch that question. based on one of RCs that doesn't have the new relational and form container for relational plugins, can anyone tell me how/when postInsertHook and/or postEditHook methods in the manytomany plugin are called? i'm trying to simply echo out a string from within the previously mentioned methods to help debug, and i get nothing. and now i'm actually thinking that since they're post HOOKS that echoing anything from them most likely won't show me anything. at the same time there is:
if($this->CI->db->affected_rows() == 0)
    show_error('There was an error inserting new item into the linking table.');
in the code so maybe i SHOULD be able to echo something out of them??? anyone have any advice on this? sorry to be asking about old RCs, but i've got too much work in this one version that i can't upgrade quickly so i'd rather finish this iteration and then refactor the code to use CE2.0 when it's closer to complete/stable, which i can't wait for. lots of good things to come. btw, jtaby, i think i've got a pretty straightforward fckeditor plugin built using its JS implementation. (similar to how tinyMCE was implemented in previous versions) i'll try and package it up all pretty-like and hit you up through pm if you're interested in it.

jTaby, great work dude, I've got a newbies question:
    class: File
        upload_path: /system/up/
I set it to upload_path: /system/up/ and create up, and it returns wrong upload dir, I tried http://localhost/ce/system/up , same thing, what do I need to do?

[eluser]Majd Taby[/eluser]
ocergyNohtna, you won't see anything echo'd in the hooks because the page gets redirected after processing is done. show_error() calls exit() so it stops execution before the redirect.

to help you find the changes you made, here's what I would do:

1) checkout that revision from the svn repo.
2) copy/paste your files into the checkout
3) use `svn status` to view all the changes.

If you need help finding the RC you're using, you can zip it up and send it to me.

daulex, here's how upload_path works: it's relative to your backend.php file. If you want to start writing the path from there, you add a dot before. So in your case, I would try upload_path: ./system/up/ Alternatively, you can specify a full path to the upload directory.

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