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Internet Explorer is having problems with my session data


In my application, I set session data using the 'set_userdata()' method in the session class, which saves it in the database. However, it seems that Internet Explorer (only) is having problems retreiving data from my session in some parts of my program. Whenever I request something from the session ($this->session->userdata('logged_in') for example), it would return an empty string.

The code seems perfectly fine since it works in all browsers except for Internet Explorer (6&7Wink. Is this a known issue? and how is it solved?

yup, I'm not trying to highjacking this thread, but i want to report that I have the same problem , but the difference is mine is not working on I E 6, and it works well on IE 7

ow no... It cant even work on some IE 7 Sad( ( Some can, Some cannot T-T)

Or maybe we forgot to logout, and the session collides. But from the CodeIgniter's team, is there any notification about this matters ??? Thanks

[eluser]Rick Jolly[/eluser]
Use an "Advanced Search", select "Search in Titles", and type "session ie". You'll find enough info to get sessions working. A quick fix that often works is to use the Native Session library from the wiki. It's virtually a plug-in replacement for CI sessions.

I'd recommend using native PHP sessions over the CI ones, since CI stores all its session variables in the cookie. See Native Session in the wiki. You can then debug your session with:

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