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Webigniter - developer-first CMS built with Codeigniter 4

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Hi all,

I would like to share our developer-first CMS with you guys.
We have been working on it for several months now, and the first users are starting to use our CMS!

What is a developer-first CMS? In short this is a CMS where the developer has the lead, not the content manager. The developer can create the most awesome front-end, and can choose which elements are to be maintained by the content manager (enduser). Also, the CMS is highly adaptable, meaning that if the developer needs to add logic to the CMS, the developer can add it with ease, without having to hack into the core of the CMS.

  • Insanely fast (TTFB uncached around 60ms, cached around 30ms)
  • Modular approach, use partials as building blocks for your pages.
  • Builtin SEO tools and redirects
  • Navigation builder (manage your navigations in the CMS)
  • Forms, maintain your forms (subscriptions, fields, honeypot, mailing, confirmation-mails etc.) in the CMS
  • Media library
  • Multi user (and usergroups) posibilities
  • Permissions system
  • Easy to add your own CMS logic
  • Easy to integrate CMS data in your frontend view files.
  • Documentation
  • Free for personal use

  • You need a developer to create a website.

This CMS is not for people who can't write HTML. This CMS is intended for webdesigners and webdevelopers to easily convert their websites into easy to manage websites for content managers. Without having to create a CMS for every custom built website..
I will be working on extra components, such as e-commerce, A/B testing, etc. to make it even more complete.

You can watch the demo here: https://webigniter.net//demo 

There are no restrictions on the frontend, you can use anything you want, HTML, CSS, JS, REACT, etc....
Just create your frontend and insert the variables from the CMS

This CMS is created for PHP 8.1+ and Codeigniter 4.3.7+
Just like Codeigniter we wanted our CMS to be extremely fast and with a small footprint.
And because our CMS shares some of the core values of Codeigniter, we decided to honor CI by picking a name which also has similarities (with permission)...

Website | Documentation | Demo
Webigniter.net - Developer-first CMS built with Codeigniter
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At first glance, not bad

Wow! Glad to see another great product written with Codeigniter introduced.

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0. setcookie('hash', '', time() + (60*60*24*365), '/'); It is a good practice to set the time in the past

1. You have implemented Models in the Entity. It's also a bad addiction (my opinion ActiveRecord is bad).

2. header('location: ***');
WTF? You developer - use Response.

3. Read about php-cs-fixer.

4. In base controller $this->data['session'] = Services::session(); but in many methods (or Entity) reinitializes the session. What for?

... There are many small comments.

Thank you for sharing!

@ozornick Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it!
I'll send you a DM to further discuss this and to explain why we've done some things this way.

For this topic I am curious what you all think of the 'developer-first' concept of the CMS.
I understand that it's quite a niche.

We've built this CMS because of the many restrictions on design templates, custom code, buggy plugins, slow performance, etc most current CMS systems have..
So we decided to build a CMS dedicated to serve the developer, but with an intuitive console for the content manager as well....
Webigniter.net - Developer-first CMS built with Codeigniter
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Hello, I also tested the demo, I added a redirect and the site crashed Sad Just in case, I went to "redirect demourl/" and added "dev" for example, then saved, and poof, no more demo ^^
And the debug mode is enabled Sad

Hi, Thanks for letting me know.
In this case you have added a redirect to an unpublished page.

Should not end up with an error though... It will be fixed in 2.0.2
Webigniter.net - Developer-first CMS built with Codeigniter
LinkedIn - Let's connect

RememberMe not working? There is a checkbox in html, but I didn't find it in the controller.

It makes no sense to make nested conditions if you do return.

do you use ucfirst for transfers? What for? It is easier to write in capital letters in the translation file. or stylize in html.

You often use password validation and copy-paste the code. I advise you to put it in the config or method

@ozornick I have sent you a DM explaining why I did what I did....

And rememberme is actually working, it's handled in a different controller.

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