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CodeIgniter Shield 1.0.0 Official Release Announcement

Dear CodeIgniter Community,

We are thrilled to announce the official release of CodeIgniter Shield 1.0.0 – the first-ever official authentication library for CodeIgniter. This marks a historic moment in the CodeIgniter timeline, as we present the stable release of our authentication solution after a successful beta phase.

CodeIgniter Shield has undergone rigorous testing and development, thanks to the invaluable feedback and contributions from our vibrant community. With the 1.0.0 release, we are confident in its stability, security, and seamless integration capabilities.

Key Features of CodeIgniter Shield 1.0.0:
  • Robust Authentication: Secure user authentication with easy integration into CodeIgniter 4 projects.
  • Versatile Authorization: Fine-grained access control to ensure the right users have the right permissions.
  • Extensive Documentation: Comprehensive guides and documentation to assist developers in implementing and customizing authentication features.
  • Community-Driven: Built with feedback from the CodeIgniter community, ensuring it meets the needs of developers at all levels.

To get started with CodeIgniter Shield 1.0.0, read the official documentation <http://shield.codeigniter.com/getting_started/install/>. Whether you are starting a new project or upgrading an existing one, CodeIgniter Shield is designed to streamline the authentication process and enhance the security of your CodeIgniter4 applications.

Upgrade is recommended for all existing users. See Release Note and Upgrade Guide.

We would like to express our gratitude to the CodeIgniter community for their continuous support, feedback, and contributions. Your involvement has been instrumental in shaping CodeIgniter Shield into a reliable and feature-rich authentication library.

Install CodeIgniter Shield 1.0.0 today and experience the next level of authentication in CodeIgniter 4!

Thank you for being part of the CodeIgniter journey.

Good news. 

It is sad, that there are few real users who actively participate

(12-27-2023, 03:04 AM)ozornick Wrote: Good news. 

It is sad, that there are few real users who actively participate


Great job! Personally, I'm not using it as I've already implemented my own system using JSON + Firebase and Google Authenticator. The module came later; otherwise, I would have integrated it right away.

Maybe for a future project Wink
Anyway, thanks for the addition!

Fantastic - I'm looking forward to trying it out over the next few days

@ozornick Shield has 58 contributors already. On the other hand, Myth:Auth has 56 contributors.
So it is not too bad.

Thank you.
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shield is fantastic - the result of a lot of research, planning and programming followed by even more programming, I very much appreciate it

Thank you! amazing work

Great job. Thank you all.

Great! Thank you, how can I use this?

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