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CI4 Newbie, no log files being created in writeable/logs dir?

I'm having trouble with my new install of CI4.  No logs are being created in the writeable/logs directory.  I have logging level set to 4 in the Logger.php and double checked that the directory has write permissions.  What else do I need to check?

How did you know "No logs are being created"?

No logs were being written to the writable/logs folder. I found that I needed a customPaths.php file to specify the location of the writable folder

// cannot extend BaseConfig and be used for $writableDirectory - too early in bootstrap sequence
// cannot be overridden in .env

namespace Config;

class CustomPaths
// this cannot be redefined in .env - used too early in bootstrap sequence
public string $writableDirectory = '/users/v/m/vmc/dev-root/xana/writable';


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