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[quote author="ideaMachine" date="1220938098"]Hey, that makes total sense. I will follow your advise then, I really liked the explanation. I've been trying to follow some EE tutorials here and there, most of them are really good, but i was wondering if there exist a good EE book I could grab to have a more formal learning experience(LOL, it that even exists).

Anyway, thank you again for the help.


Alfredo - FYI : there is now a book out that i found very useful:
Building Websites with EE

Hello Derek and other members,

I have been following threads on this issue or related but I am not sure about how CI and EE integration is made. I need to know if EE is the right application for my project.

What I undertood is: develop with EE whenever is possible, and develop with CI if as long as it is needed. At the time of using CI inside EE, what are we doing? Are we developing a custom module or what? Whatever the case, where can I find a tutorial on this or where should I check the documentation to get a clear idea of what to do? I am not sure, maybe they are silly questions, but I am a newcomer.

Best, from Madrid - Spain

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Hi Edu, welcome aboard.

For EE end users, the fact that EE is built on CI is invisible. Don't worry too much about the distinction. What I'd encourage you to do is decide if EE is right for you without needing to learn CI or touch the code. EllisLab staff can help you with this if you want.

If it is, then you're set - you'll enjoy the flexibility and power of EE. If it isn't, then I'd start looking at other solutions that CAN meet your needs. Depending on what those needs are, it might be another CMS, or you may need to code it yourself.

Good luck!

Thank you Derek, following your link I am going to study in detail what advantages EE have for my project. I know the end users won't realize and I am not worried. But as urgent questions, I need to get a first idea of this part of my post, what to do in case EE meets my needs:
"At the time of using CI inside EE, what are we doing? Are we developing a custom module or what?".

Actually, my main problem is not being sure about what to do in the case of developing with EE and CI. I am pretty sure I will use EE as the base of the project (that has basically weblog and forum use). But I suppose the application doesn't need to be coded from scratch in CI, if I want to add some extra fuctionality to EE. That's why I am planning EE + custom features in CI. Correct?

Then, in short my question is: how can I customize EE with parts in CI and where can I find information about how to do it?


[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Take a bit of time and get familiar with the EE community. You'll see that there is a HUGE assortment of third party solutions. Check out

Please take into account I have experience with PHP, but I am not very skilled in CMS or frameworks.

So I understand that when we talk about integration of CI and EE, we refer to developing EE add-ons written with CI. Is this point of view correct? But is this the only way to communicate parts of an application in CI with EE? Is there any other possibility? In short, as I want to be able to code outside of the CMS, can I connect CI and EE this way?

Sorry for my English, I think my other posts could not be very clear. I think it is much more difficult for me to progress with these doubts, and I didn't find community articles or Google search results to solve them so far...

Thanks again

[eluser]Lisa Wess[/eluser]
Good morning, Eduzinho - I'd also like to welcome you to our wonderful community.

First, I'd like to invite you to post your ExpressionEngine specific questions over on the EE Forums; the CodeIgniter community is amazing, but you'll find much more on target help with EE in the correct location.

If you would prefer to ask any pre-sales questions privately, I welcome you to contact sales and I'll work with you to determine if your project may be a good fit for ExpressionEngine.

You can also find the EE Development Docs for EE 2 over here, which should help address some of your development questions.

We're not going to be able to give you EE specific help over on this forum, though, so please do come on over to the ExpressionEngine forums, or contact sales, and we can work with you to answer your queries that way.

Thank you!


I did that, yes it is better. Thank you very much.
To be continued at: CodeIgniter application integration into EE2.x in a module
Best, Edu

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