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App Structure


Just a "common" contribution for you all out there starting CI and to anyone confused about how to make ur CI more little bit secure... this is how we do it, of course u might want to put it in more secure part in ur server.. CI allows u to do that.. u know, its just PHP u can hack in to if u need to..

|__ public/
     |__ .htaccess
     |__ index.php
|__ assets/
     |__ default
         |__ css/
         |__ images/
     |__ mod_sales_inventory/
         |__ css/
         |__ images/
         |__ javascripts/
         |__ inc/
         |__ etc.
     |__ mod_*/...
|__ ci/
     |__ v1.6.3/ (system)
         |__ /...
|__ app/
     |__ v1.0/ (application / optional version'ing)
         |__ /...
|__ modules/ ( HMVC? / Modular Extension ? )
     |__ mod_sales_inventory/
         |__ controllers/
         |__ views/
         |__ ...

=-==-=--==--= index.php -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

$system_folder = "../ci/v1.6.3/";
$application_folder = "../../v1.0/";


In order for you to get your assets/ u need
to make a symbolic link, if ur in windows, u
will need the so called "junction" from
microsoft kb pages, in vista or linux. or
you can use aliases if u have an access to your
web server, or else im sure google will help you,
also CI is an active community.

.."of course u need some of the MS tools in
development, and im sure you'll host it on
a linux machine.." right?

support: irc.freenode.com ~ #codeigniter


About HMVC, u can use to map your modules
dynamically, so u can just drop modules and
it will work by :


u can route it, or same w/ http://mypage.com/
mods/si_system where mods is the controller that
will check it and print what mods u specify..im
sure u can figure a logic for that...


By the way, above folder structure is just
"basic"ally what im doing.. you can have your own
way of doing it..

God Bless you all.. Happy Coding..

CI Down-to-Earth Web Developer

Welcome to CI forums Nivek.

Thanks for this, I'm sure it will help someone.

Nice to see you include Modular Extensions too. Wink

The only case where i put assets above the public directory is when they are shared between several apps.

And i still don't understand why people are so reluctant to add files/directories to the system directory. In this case the modules directory. As i see it the system directory is nothing more than a grouping directory for shared files/directories for multiple applications.

Hi wiredesignz, thank you for the welcome, u know bro, i really like your Modular Extension ;-) More developer in the world are in to CI, some are just reluctant or should i say, wont say anything about what framework they use "it's like secret to others" IMO. But i like CI so much..

And for my post above, and for other people's concern, all are different, brain logic is/are different but the output are same. Coding must be fun, and its what you want, and don't let "them" make you a code monkey, there are much more important in life than creating software. ;-)

Take Care All, Have a good day always.

Nivek it wasn't meant to criticize your way of arranging the files. I (mis)used your post as a vehicle to make some comments.

You could have defended your file structure by saying the modules are CI version independent Wink

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