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SVN 1.7 / form_validation issue

so, I'm switching ignitedjobs.com to use the newer revision of form_validation.

While it does validate if everything is good - if something is wrong, the validation_errors function doesn't seem to ever output any data.

For instance;

I have a field called job_location which is required|max_length[64]

If this field is empty, it will refresh the form with all data still in the form, but 'echo validation_errors()' under my header results in no output. This is a fresh SVN pull.

Being called as such in the view:

echo $header;

echo validation_errors();

// rest of the form here

Again, it is passing validation as long as the fields are filled in correctly. If validation fails, there seem to be no errors in validation_errors()

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
First of all, you probably shouldn't use currently unstable code (especially if it's not a critical security issue). Not only is it rough around the edges, there could be yet undiscovered security vulnerabilities.

Second, I thought this specific issue was fixed in revision 1318?

I'm doing this in preparation for 1.7

IJ 2.0 isn't going to have a release for at least 2-3 months, and my guess is 1.7 is going to appear before then.

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